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Optimize Your Direct Mail

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‘Direct mail is ineffective.’ It’s 15 times more expensive than email marketing and response rates are negligible. This is a claim that is all too often echoed within companies in the UK.

Direct mail is what you make it. Response is governed by the level of energy and thought channeled into the campaign. The old 1% response rate has long been dead, not to mention completely inappropriate in most cases.

Whilst we provide you with the compelling, result oriented copy and design that is essential to a successful campaign, by following the tips below you will have every element of your campaign working for a better response.

Provide a cover letter

Without one you risk appearing impersonal and hitting your recipient cold, resulting in a poor response. Ask us to prepare one for you.

Make seductive offers

Offer discounts, free trials, guarantees or vouchers. Incentives can rapidly improve response rates without necessarily costing the earth. Limited period offers can also help to reduce the response interval.

Bulk-up your package

Include promotional pens, coasters, rulers, notepads and other gifts in your campaign. It will not only increase the chance of your envelope being opened but it will also allow you to place your company name on an item that your prospective customer sees every day.

Include testimonials

People don’t like feeling left out of something good. If other people have benefited from your product or service, display how and build an aura of envy around your reader.

Provide a keepsake

Letters and leaflets will often get thrown away immediately after they are read. Slip a business card in your DM package to provide them with a reminder of your company and your offer.

Package your campaign uniquely

Using unorthodox techniques can encourage interest and ensure that you attract the reader’s attention. These techniques can be applied to the package both externally and internally. Hand-writing the address on the envelope can also give it a personal dimension.

Accurately target your market

Fail to do this and you will render your campaign ineffective. If any of these tips were to rank number one in importance, this would be it. If you have an existing customer database then you could achieve a 30-40% higher response rate than if you were to use a cold data source.

Set targets

Calculate a break-even point for the campaign and set this as your minimum response target. Do not use a percentage. Percentage targets can be completely unfitting with the product/service that you are offering. A company selling £65,000 machinery may only receive one order from a 10,000 letter mailing (0.0001%) but the campaign will still be profitable.

Test first

Don’t embark on a costly campaign before initially testing it on a small scale. If you receive 50 responses from a mailing of 1,000 letters, you can almost be certain that you will receive 500 responses from a mailing of 10,000 letters. If your test shows that you won’t reach your break-even level in the full campaign then adjust the promotional material or market sample accordingly.

Choose the right time to send

This is particularly relevant for seasonal products/services. Choosing the right time to send can mean the difference between a highly profitable campaign and a highly costly campaign.

Use complimentary promotion

Press, radio, websites, Email and television can all help to boost response levels. Approaching potential customers through more than one medium of promotion can help increase brand/company visibility and boost the credibility of your direct mail campaign. Following up a campaign with telemarketing can heighten response rates by a staggering 1,000%.

Track everything

Doing so allows you to evaluate the success of your campaign and pinpoint any problems with it. Analyze response rates and any resulting sales. If you follow up your campaign with telemarketing, use this as an opportunity to gather a little research from your target markets for use in future campaigns.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

If your direct mailing was a success, repeat it to those that didn’t reply. You can expect a response rate of around 50% of that achieved in the first mailing.

Get in touch to see how we can help you to get the most out of your direct mail campaign.

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Mobile Marketing: Fast, Efficient, Empowering And Cost Effective

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Mobile marketing is becoming a dominant force in advertising. It provides a number of elements few other types of advertising can match. It allows businesses to reach out directly to customers. It provides customers with information of sales, specials and deals much quicker than any other marketing medium. Mobile marketing also creates two way communications between consumers and companies trying to do business with them. Customers not only receive the advertising, they can also provide feedback directly to the companies reaching out to them. This marketing technique also allows customers some measure of control as to the type, frequency and amount of advertisements they receive. It streamlines the marketing process and makes it much more efficient and effective.

Advertising using billboards, hand bills, newspapers, magazines, radio and television is a scattershot approach which has been utilized for many years. It places information about products and services in locations where businesses hope it will be seen by its customer base and people who need the things that are offered. Mobile marketing allows businesses to take a more controlled approach. With mobile marketing advertisements appear directly on the phone, tablets and other popular forms of communication devices used by most people today. This eliminates the guesswork in presenting the product or service information to customers. Businesses know the customers they are trying to reach have received the sales information because they are delivered directly to their mobile devices.

The speed with which the mobile marketing appeals are read by the potential customers make the ads very effective. Most customers read the ads within minutes of them having been sent. This allows the customer to quickly become aware of the information and act on it. It also provides a way for businesses to promote same day sales and deals and have customers take advantage of them.

Mobile marketing also allows for two-way communication. Customers can communicate their interest or concerns directly to the business. This enables businesses to address those concerns and clarify any misunderstandings. Customers can also signal the type, amount and frequency of advertisements they wish to receive. They can even opt out and receive no further advertising. This allows businesses to send advertising to customers who are open to doing business with them.

Mobile marketing is the future. It can make marketing more targeted and therefore more efficient. Mobile marketing empowers both customers and businesses and significantly improves marketing effectiveness.

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Does Your Business Need a Search Engine Marketing Consultant?

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Many businesses in the UK make the mistake of not using a search engine marketing consultant, especially when they are first contemplating whether or not to design and implement an Internet website. In this article, we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions about search engine marketing.

Q. Why do I need a search engine marketing specialist?

A. First, some background: Successful Internet search engine marketing services can provide highly specialized services. One of these is called PPC (pay per click) and it’s a powerful way to direct customers to your website. But not just any customers, PPC helps assure that the customers who visit your site are already interested in your products and/or services. PPC is driven by search engine results. Search engine results are in turn driven by keywords.

Q. How can a pay per click consultant help me choose the most effective keywords?

A. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they can generate their own list of keywords. While this may be somewhat true, an experienced search marketing consultant often sees the “big picture” and can consider tangential but critical issues like keyword variations including regional keywords, negative keywords, abbreviations, misspellings and unique brand and/or product terms and descriptions. Competent search engine marketers will also target users who are looking specifically for your products or services with a customized and effective landing page that will capture the user’s attention.

Q. What search engines does a search engine marketer work with?

A. At the very least your search engine marketing plan should include Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, AltaVista and AOL. But the consultant’s actual expertise is best utilized by helping clients determine what second level search alternatives are available for the client’s specific products and services. A partial list of second tier search engines includes,, and Your consultant will also help you find specialized search engines that will, for a small fee, provide a customized search platform for you. Beyond search engines, a search engine marketer will help expand your web presence into blogs, forums and sites that review products and services.

Q. What about the costs?

A. Search engine consultant costs can be customized and tailored to your particular needs and budget. PPC advertising is extremely flexible and allows you to determine the amount you’re willing to pay whenever a user clicks on your ad. But this isn’t the whole picture. It’s important to remember that factors like how relevant your content is and the historical performance of your keywords will effect the bottom-line cost. This cost can range from $.05 to more than $20 per click. So the experience of a search engine marketing consultant would be of prime importance.

This FAQ has touched on only the very basics of what a search engine marketing consultant can accomplish for business in the UK. But the fact remains, that such a consultant these days is a definite necessity for a successful online business presence.

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Direct Marketing For Grand Openings – Information Which Will Help You

Jun 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

One of the best strategies for marketing a small business is to use direct mail pieces. When this is done correctly, you will receive 2 to 5% letter barrier success. That is to say that 2 to 5% of the people who receive your direct mail will actually open the envelope, just to see what’s inside, and if your marketing is quite good, it will result in a sale, or a customer inquiry. Hopefully, that potential future customer will come into your store and at least a look around.

That of course is the first step, and once they look around and see which you have to offer, they are more likely to come back in the future at some point to buy something, or refer your business to a friend if you are pleasant to them, and offered to answer all their questions to their satisfaction. Speaking of getting customers to come into your store or retail outlet, or to patronize your service business – direct mail pieces work excellent for grand openings also.

If you are going to have a ribbon cutting, grand opening event, or a Chamber of Commerce mixer you should direct mail all the other businesses in your town, so they will offer you their moral support, and business owners also are more likely to patronize you, because they feel the same way you do and know which you are going through when you open a new business. If you are having a huge grand opening event, you should invite everyone within a two or 3 mile radius to come and check out your new store.

Folks who live between three and 5 miles should also receive a grand opening piece, with a slightly different carrot stick to get them to drive to your grand opening even t. Those between five and 15 miles should also receive discount coupons after your grand opening to help them justify the cost of driving over to where you are. Chances are many of the people who get your direct marketing piece may already have a favorite source for whatever it is that you sell, but that shouldn’t preclude you from including them in your mailings.

It will also put your competition on notice that you mean business, and they must offer good customer service, or customers will migrate to your store. Speaking of which those customers who may be unhappy with the customer service at your competitors, now they have a good reason to switch, and hopefully you’ve included some discounts to push them over that edge and into your store and in front of your cash register. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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Tips and Ideas for Direct Marketing

Jun 01 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

It is important to realize for you to succeed in direct marketing and sell your products and services you have to be above your completion. Also determine your target market and direct your efforts towards capturing their attention, by doing advertisements that are directed to that particular segment. Know what appeals to your desired market segment by conducting a thorough research.

In direct marketing knowing your products and services is vital, this will enhance your confidence when fronting customers. This will be achieved by using the same products yourself. Clients should also know where to get in touch with you hence having a website or business card is advisable. And when you get a domain name choose something easy for your clients to remember.

Presentation is crucial when you are doing direct marketing, make sure you are smartly dressed, well polished shoes and talk confidently maintaining eye contact. Make statements rather than using words like “if” or “maybe”, these words make you appear less credible.

Your facial expression and body language should be friendly and welcoming, this will make your customers relax and give you audience. When you promise to deliver be careful to fulfill as agreed and in the stipulated time. This will eventually help build confidence and trust from your customers.

Keep yourself updated with what your competitors are doing and find ways to counter them, by offering better and improved services and products. Re-branding your products will also go a long way to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. Research and study on new marketing strategies, buy books that equip you with ideas and tips on modern advertising techniques.

Learn more tips on direct marketing by following the links below.

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