Article Income – Direct Monetization Model For Your Articles

There is more than one way to monetize your articles. You can go beyond getting traffic and build credibility. In this article, I’m going to cover direct article monetization model.

With direct model, you use the articles to promote a product or service, whether it is yours or other people’s products through your affiliate links.

How could you do this? First, you give information pertinent to the product. Tips and how to information are valuable and compelling for the readers. You can also write reviews or presell the readers by revealing a few ideas in the product.

Preselling is the art and science to warm up the prospects and increase the likelihood of them to actually buy the product. Concentrate on the benefits of the product and give reasons why they want to buy it.

The resource box is the part where you’ll ask the readers to take action, get more information or buy the product you write. Although you can usually better if you make use of other marketing strategies like email marketing to do the follow up, direct selling is known method that works.

You can do many things with the traffic but if you channel it directly to earn your money through ads or sales, you are using the direct monetization model.

You can also use articles as a revenue source if you integrate ads into the page. Ad networks such as Google AdSense allows you to serve a large amount of ad inventory without having to maintain all the administrative work and get advertisers. So that certainly a working model if you want an extra revenue from your articles.

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