Beginners Guide to Network Marketing Part 1

This beginners guide to Network Marketing also includes MLM and can include affiliate marketing. It will show you a formula or system that you absolutely must follow to be successful in Network Marketing.

The Formula / System – Key elements in every successful online Network marketing system

1. Adverts – If you do not advertise nothing will happen – Nobody will find your business!

2. Lead capture page – A web page with a headline or a list of bullet points or video that convey the message of what the benefits of your product or system are. Then there is an opt-in box for the lead to enter their details – They are saying to you “Hey I’m interested tell me more about this.”

3. Direct Sales page – This page creates a problem agitates the problem and then shows the solution is buy buying the product.

4. Auto responder and email list – A system that sends out emails to your list automatically after they have opted in. So important because it starts the process of the lead getting to know you.

How it works

Place adverts all over the place as many as you can – when I say advert I mean anywhere that you put a link to your lead capture page that somebody can click on.

People see your advert and some of them click the link to your lead capture page. The Lead capture page tells the customer the benefits of what you are trying to give/sell them and asks for their details including email address.

Some people enter their details (They are now a captured lead) and some people move away from the page (they may come back).

Those that enter their details are taken directly to your Direct sales page where they are shown a common problem like – “do you think that your Network Marketing business would grow faster if you had an endless supply of new leads?” and then given the solution – Join this programme and we will show you how. It is an important element of your direct sales page to have an incentive to buy the product now – ie a once only offer or a bonus etc. If the product is brought within the next ½ hour.

At this point some people will buy into your programme and some will not. Either way you have them as a captured lead until they decide to remove themselves from your mailing list – Which you should now own.

So what happens next is the autoresponder takes over and starts sending messages out to your list on autopilot – It takes us an average of 7 times to see something before we buy it so to type these messages and send them individually would be really time consuming.

Some more people will buy the product after they have received some of your emails and some will not but they remain on your list.

Now it is important to be communicating with your list so you can start to build a relationship with them. This will help them to get to know you and see your value.

What I mean by value is what they will learn from you as if they buy from you then you will be their upline and should then be teaching them how to be successful. So you need to be sharing with your list what you are doing and if it is working – Also this can include products that you have purchased and that help you in your own advertising – For most products you can become an affiliate and earn commissions for any sales that you make – Make sure that you are happy with the product ie It does what it says – Is simple to use – A good price etc Basically make sure that you think it’s the best on the market before you offer it to your list because if somebody from your list buys the product on your recommendation and does not like it then you have just lost some credibility.

If you do this correctly you can be helping people on your list whilst adding vale to yourself and earning good money in the process. This can be done time and time again – Not everybody on your list will buy every product but they will hopefully buy the products that are right for them.

That’s where the saying “The money is in the list” comes from. If you really understand this you should be really exited because the possibilities are huge!

In part 2 of The Beginners guide to Network marketing learn how to get the right product to start with and it does not need to cost you a fortune – In fact it definitely should not!

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