Direct Mailing Postcard – The Role of the Broker

Mailing lists play an essential role in the success of postcard campaigns since they serve as your link to the consumer population, and your tool in widening your existing network. And where you get your list can pretty much determine how reliable your lists are.

There are thousands of lists available. Take note, these are lists and not addresses. So how do you pick out the list that can provide you with the postal information you need for marketing? This is where a mailing list broker comes in. He is responsible for helping you narrow down your options to one complete address directory of potential customers.

Mailing lists and brokers

Mailing lists are basically a registry of names and postal addresses. You can choose to create your own mailing list by gathering addresses from various databases. However, you may be taking a lot of risk here since these databases may not provide much information about the persons listed so you will not be able to gauge how suited they are for your consumer network.

If you want to put yourself and your business in a safer position, it is better to rent a mailing list.

There are plenty of owners, and brokers are the ones who can help you track them. They can locate lists according to the specific function you need them for, such as direct mailing postcards for business to business advertising, consumer marketing or for charitable institution.

A broker can help you and the list owner arrive at a price that you can both agree on and be comfortable with. This way, even if you spend on the list, you do not have to shell out more than what you are really ready to give.

Among the most crucial assistance that a broker can give you is to develop a list that is tailor-fitted to the type of population you want. You can give demographics such as gender, age, estimated annual income, job or location. You can also provide certain zip codes if you want to be location-specific.

A broker can also help you polish your list by removing identical addresses on the list, as well as by correcting the format of the addresses according how the United States Postal Service requires them to be written and arranged.

Other responsibilities that a broker may assume are dealing with the statement of accounts and evaluating recipient response. The extent of service may vary with what you two come to terms on.

Renting mailing lists

When you rent a mailing list, you are entitled to a limited time of use, depending on what you and the owner agrees on.

There are certain ways by which a mailing list owner catches unauthorized or extended use of the list. They can salt a record by adding fake addresses. This way, they can detect misuse or overuse. Make sure that you adhere to the terms you and the list owner have agreed on.

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