How To Include Backend Marketing Into Your Sales Process

Did you know that there are “undercover” ways to make more money in your business? It’s true, and not a lot of business owners are taking advantage of these techniques to make more money in their business. But for those business owners who are using these undercover techniques, they are seeing a lot more response in their business than their competitors.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a painful process. The fact of the matter is that any business owner can take their business from zero to hero in a short period of time, and more often than not, it doesn’t require the use of spending more money on advertising. If you want to know how to make more money in your business without spending a lot of money to do so, then today’s lesson is just for you.

Here’s a great way to get more business profits without spending large sums of money to get new customers.

1) Backend marketing

80% of your total business profits will come from sales on the backend (sales from existing customers). So if you’re not keeping in contact with your customers, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of revenue that you could be getting. Your customers want to hear from you, so don’t make a one-time sale seem like a one-night stand… build relationships with these people so that they can trust you and like you.

The easiest way to start a backend marketing campaign is to send out a 1-page letter offering one of your products or services. You could even take a step further and offering a special sale to get your business flooded with new business. If you can incorporate a sweet deal with your offer, you may have to hire new staff members just to keep up with all of the extra new business that you’re getting.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – the majority of your sales will come from existing customers. So if you’re getting customers on a daily basis but it isn’t as much as you would like to have, you should still be happy because you know that each new customer will serve as a profit center in your business.

I wanted to stress the importance of backend selling because it’s an important part of your marketing process. You can try all different kind of ways to get new customers, but if you’re neglecting the people who have recently just bought from you, you can expect your competitors to take advantage of this weak spot in your business, and will scoop your existing customers right from under you.

Be sure to implement backend selling in your business today. Once you discover just how powerful backend selling can be for your business, it’s time to start focusing more and more of your time into getting your repeat customers to buy from you. This doesn’t take a lot of time to do, so focus on selling more to your existing customers, and watch the cash flow stack up.

Good luck with using backend marketing to make more money in your business.

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