Integrating Offline And Online Marketing To Promote Your Business

In the midst of cut throat competition, the most effective weapon is a focused and planned marketing strategy that incorporates online and offline marketing methods to grow your business. Before the internet age, businesses had to rely solely on offline marketing to promote themselves. They had finite office hours and geographic limitations that prevented them from doing business around the clock and around the globe. With the internet, it has become a whole new ball game. Companies in China can do business with companies or consumers in the US without ever having to step outside their offices. They would rely primarily on a robust online presence with a strong online marketing strategy. But even in their case, offline strategies would help them.Similarly, an online business cannot rely on only online marketing to generate awareness about their business. They have to engage in offline strategies such as attending networking meetings and chamber events or conducting direct mail campaigns to generate awareness about their online business.Online strategies include search engine marketing, banner advertisements, participating in social networking sites, email marketing, and holding webinars to promote a business through the use of a computer and via the internet.Offline strategies include participating in networking meetings, direct mail campaigns, newspaper ads, bill boards, open houses, and bill boards – most of which do not directly involve the internet.No one strategy works by itself and no one campaign fits all. A robust marketing strategy would incorporate online and offline components while taking into factor the objectives of the business and the goals that are set forth.A successful business emerges when marketing strategy is execution with a plan that is focused and that has measurements in place to monitor performance.Here are some ways to integrate your offline and online marketing efforts
Include your website address on all your marketing collateral (Business Cards, Company brochure, Letter heads, etc.)
Include a promotion that people can participate in only through the website when running a direct mail campaign
Run a more discounted in-store promotion on your website to drive more traffic to the website
Run email campaigns to promote an in-store sale, or distribute flyers to promote a new offering on the website
Run a webinar or a web conference on a regular frequency to generate awareness about your company
Participate in networking sessions and direct people to your website by saying something about the website that will generate interest in the person talking to you
Offer free products or resources through your website and promote that in your direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

To summarize, there is no one way to promote a business. In this day and age, it is critical to tie online and offline marketing strategies to get maximum exposure for your business.You may wish to check our website out at or email us at nipa at jenesysgroup dot com.

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