So You Think Direct Paid Surveys Are Going to Give You a Full Time Income?

So you are looking to make some extra money, direct paid surveys could give you a little it extra but there is a better way where you can even make money in your sleep, honest! Before I tell you how let me tell you the pros and cons of online surveys:

Pros of Online Surveys Easy and fun Yes, it is simple and easy to fill in surveys at direct paid surveys. It can sometimes even be fun, if you don’t have to spend your whole time doing it.

Letting people know your opinion Your opinion counts, you can influence the market but are you really going to buy/purchase everything you are completing a survey on. Well I guess you could if direct paid surveys is going to make you that much money!

Second Income Direct paid online surveys can give you a little extra ‘pocket money’ if you put the time and effort in.

Cons of Online Surveys Busy Market There are so many websites promoting paid surveys and so many people like yourself who are looking to make an extra buck that online survey sites like direct paid surveys are overcrowded which can make getting a decent survey sent through to you take month.

Lengthy Surveys You don’t want to spend all your time filling in boring surveys only to find that the £5.00 you have been promised is actually a free £5.00 at or something and not actually cash in your pocket.

Scammers As with all internet business there is always the chance that you are getting scammed, can direct paid surveys guarantee that the surveys they are sending out are all legitimate?

There are other ways to make money online without having to fill out lengthy surveys for a measly £5.00 bingo play.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing, basically you can make money selling other peoples products without ever having to speak to a customer and definitely no cold calling (don’t you just hate them?)

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