Top 5 Marketing Tips to Promoting Your Retail Boutique

Have a local boutique store and not sure how to effectively market it? Then consider printed materials. In a day and age where everything is digital, more and more people are starting to realize the effectiveness of printed materials such as postcards, business cards, brochures and flyers. They are tangible objects, and also provide the added benefit of connecting with people when they are distributed. Something that digital does not provide.

Below are our top five tips to providing effective marketing for your business.

Signage – Do you have the proper signage so that people know about your business? This is perhaps the most important component to just about any business. Signs not only provide the best ways to effectively market your store, but they also are the first and most often the lasting impression that many new customers will have on your business. As a result make sure your signage is clean, polished, current and most importantly eye-catching. How else would someone else now about your boutique otherwise?

Marketing Collateral – Take a good check of what is in your current marketing arsenal. Does it include printed materials? It should include not only postcards, but brochures explaining the concept of your store, flyers for sales, and mini banners to get instant attention. So be sure that all of your marketing collateral is current, trendy and hip to properly gain the awareness you want to have.

Social Media – Are you using social media correctly? Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are popular, free, forms of advertisements. So use them! You are simply missing out on tons of opportunities to gain the awareness that so many other businesses are using. As a result, tweet, Facebook and blog about all of your daily antics. It not only adds a personal voice to your boutique, but also provides a way to communicate with your current customers and prospects alike.

Window Marketing – Are you properly utilizing your windows for your storefront? Not sure what to do with them? After that, Google some famous window treatments to get some creative ideas to use for your business. They not only provide a great way to get new ideas but will also be sure to gain eyeballs on to your store, and footsteps into your store. Just remember keep it clean simple and interesting. You can’t go wrong there!

Emails – Are you actively getting your customers’ email addresses? This is perhaps the most important thing to do in getting attention of your existing client base. They not only provide a way to effectively market your sales and promotional times of year, but also give a great way to show of your latest clothing. Be sure to communicate at least twice a month. Be sure that it’s always useful and insightful though. Not one likes useless spam.

When everything is done, you should be sure to be prepared for all of the new customers. Properly clean and make sure that all of your clothing is organized and ready to sell!

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